So, I’m actually already tired right now and I should be sleeping but I just have to summarize what happened today.

A few people remembered my birthday by their own. Some were reminded by facebook. Others were reminded by people who truly remembered.

It was a simple birthday. I didn’t do anything extravagant or spent any money at all.

I was already satisfied with having my friends and family around me and even my followers here in tumblr because that’s what matters the most.

People sang me ‘Happy Birthday’ repeatedly in different times of the day.

One of my friends gave me a small chocolate bar as a gift. Another one gave me sweets.

Four of my friends visited my house and we just hang out. One baked a cake out of brownie mix. It had a weird taste because she mixed the butterscotch mix with the chocolate one but it was a good kind of weird taste.

I thought a lot of people would forget my birthday because I didn’t remind them about it. But, some still did and I’m happy.

I had a good day. I really did :)

Also, I planned to send all of my followers and all of the people I am following a nice message but as I have expected, I couldn’t send everyone a message and I am disappointed and sorry. I tried my best but I ran out of time. I hope for those whom I sent a message, they’ll be happy about it. Maybe there will be a next time. I’ll wait for another special day.

Thanks for those who greeted me especially to fyrebending for the gifs and clementineandleetwd for the nice greeting. Shout-out also to ronnietheood, chancesforme, excusemefishbone and cutepandita.

Stay weird, everybody!





Happy birthday to me! I’ll speak about my day later. Right now, my friends are baking me some brownies :3
Also, my teacher taught me that true happiness comes from serving others soooo I am going to message some people that I follow and the people who are following me some nice things :)


Thanks sooooo much! You are so sweet and nice! :) Thanks also for comforting me every once in a while. I appreciate it! ^-^